YoYo Vision Projects

YoYo Vison is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that provides passive income with its own token «YoYo Vision». Our upcoming projects are based on the needs to have liquid staking coins, tradable on a DEX without any redemption period and minimum amount.

Our YoYo Vision Token is the heart of YoYo Vision. Our Ecoystem Tokens allows us to grow and finance our projects. 40% of the Ecosystem Tokens are used to invest, get passive income and reinvest in YoYo. All this will lead to a price increase for our holders/community. Everything within a fair and transparent smart contract.

Our projects outlined briefly below:

YoYo Vision Dashboard
Dashboard to check rewards gained from distribution and current value of our Growth Fund.
YoYo Vision Wallet
Our YoYo Vision wallet will have wallet balance, coin valuation, functions as API connection to Crypto Exchanges, and more.
YoYo Vision Swap
Swap YoYo and other coins directly on our website. Include YoYo Vision Tracker Tokens as soon available.
YoYo Vision Tracker Tokens
Our largest project is to issue several Tokens. The underlyings of the tokens are well-known staking coins, but our tokens will have no redemption period/unlock time and no minimum staking amount. Holders are able to always trade our tokens on DEX and on our website (YoYo Vision Swap).

33% of the profit out of YoYo Vision Tracker Tokens will flow back to our Community / YoYo Vision Token (e.g. additional burn events, investments via Growth Pool).