Interest Registration

YoYo Vision Additional Yield Registration

YoYo gives you already a high passive income. Our Token pays 6% of each transaction to our holders (in BUSD). Increase with your registration your passive income and APY on your Investment in YoYo.

How it works: 5% of Total Supply are locked for one year. The distribution in BUSD from those locked tokens will be shared between 100 Lucky Holders / Early Investors. Taking a daily volume from USD 100,000 (only an estimation) the shared pool will be in total USD 108,000.

USD 1080 per Lucky Holder.

Get your higher APR, register here and invest during Fair Launch starting 29th April 2022 in YoYo Vision (all registrations together possible to higher your chances):

👑”Light” Registration👑

🏵”Gold” Registration (more chances)🏵

🐳”Whale” Registration (high chances)🐳


Please read here more about the additional yield.