Ecosystem Tokens


oYo Vison is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that provides passive income with its own token «YoYo Vision».

Our token is a unique kind of reflection token. We have basic functions as taxes of 9% with a 6% distribution in BUSD to holders but implemented new amazing features. 50% of the tokens are Ecosystem tokens with different functions, giving YoYo Vision the power to grow. In the holders/Community interests, 80% of the Ecoystem tokens are lifelong locked.

Additionally, YoYo is a hyper-deflationary Token, burning 1% of each transaction. Furthermore, 5% of total supply are held in the Ecosystem Token Pool «Burn Events». With the distributions in BUSD, we buy back YoYo and burn additional tokens. One additional deflationary feature is that YoYo constantly burns 40% of the Ecosystem tokens.

The token is built on binance smart chain with extremely fast 5 second block times and cheap gas/transaction fees.

Our Ecoystem Tokens are the backbone of our community and YoYo Vision. The largest pool is our «Growth Pool». This pool garuantees a longevity of the token, price increase and passive income. However our projects turns out or not, our YoYo token will still have a strong backbone with the Ecosystem Tokens, as YoYo will receive passive income from the «Growth Pool».

How the Ecosystem Tokens works:

  • 500’000’000 YoYo are Ecosystem Tokens (50% of total supply)
  • 400’000’000 of those tokens are lifelong locked
  • 200’000’000 of those tokens will be burned during lifetime, as soon as 1% of total supply is burned, 1% of those tokens will be burned as well.
  • The tokens receive 6% distribution in BUSD
  • The BUSD are used according to the function of the respective pool.

The Ecosystem Tokens are pooled as follows:

Growth Fund (20%):

  • Lifelong locked without burn mechanism
  • Investments in staking and reflection coins
  • Investments in YoYo
  • Investments in Launchpads/Presale
  • Other investments (e.g. suggestions from the community)

Profits are passed regularly to the following pools:

  • 50% remain in the Growth Fund (Reinvestments)
  • 15% goes to the Marketing Pool
  • 5% goes to the Burn Event Pool
  • 5% goes to the Charity Pool
  • 5% goes to the Reserve Pool
  • 5% goes to the Lucky Draw Pool
  • 15% goes to the YoYo Team Wallet (Operation Fee Growth Fund)

Marketing / Development (10%):

  • Lifetime locked with burn mechanism
  • Development and financing projects
  • Give liquidity to project «YoYo Vision Tracker Tokens»
  • Financing upcoming listing
  • Jobs within the community
  • Jobs outside the community (if no member is suitable) -Marketing Events (e.g. Airdrops)
  • Other marketing activities (e.g. suggestions from the community)

Interest Launch / Additional Yield (5%):

  • Locked without burn mechanism
  • Additional Yield Pool for 100 Lucky Launch Participants
  • The pool will be shared after one year (04 June 2023) within the 100 Lucky Holders.
  • The interest is paid 50% in BUSD and 50% in YoYo (we start buying YoYo every month, so this ratio could be different)
  • Register here to have the chance for additional yield: Register here
  • As soon the interest is paid, this pool will be added to the Growth Fund Pool

Burn Events (5%):

  • Lifelong locked with burn mechanism
  • Buyback YoYo
  • Burn YoYo regularly

Reserve (5%):

  • Locked without burn mechanism
  • Reserve for unknown events
  • Liquididty Pool for upcoming Listings
  • Give liquidity to project «YoYo Vision Tracker Tokens»

Lucky Draw Events (3%):

  • Lifelong locked with burn mechanism
  • Regular Lucky Events/Lottery for holders (in YoYo)

Charity (2%):

  • Lifelong locked with burn mechanism
  • Support different charity projects (for humans, animals and climate)

Lifelong locked explained: Tokens are lifelong locked. Kindly note that the Ecosystem & Team Tokens are locked for one year (DX LOCK). Every month 10% will be unlocked. We will than burn according to our Whitepaper. After this year we will decide how we lock the Ecosystem & Team Tokens in the future and will announce it in all our social channels.

Burn mechanism explained: As soon 1% of total supply are in the dead wallet, YoYo Vision will burn 1% of those Ecosystem tokens.