Additional Yield


oYo Vison is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that provides passive income with its own token «YoYo Vision».

Our token is a unique kind of reflection token. We have basic functions as taxes of 9% with a 6% distribution in BUSD to holders but implemented new amazing features. 50% of the tokens are Ecosystem tokens with different functions, giving YoYo Vision the power to grow. 80% of the Ecoystem tokens are lifelong locked.

10% of the Ecosystem Tokens (=5% of Total Supply) are in the Pool «Launch Interest / Additional Yield». Those YoYo tokens are locked till 01 May 2023. All earned BUSD in this pool will be used as interest for 100 lucky holders. The interest is paid 50% in BUSD and 50% in YoYo.

Two calculation examples what interest you can expect (calculated with 100% BUSD, as price increase of YoYo is unknown):

Daily average YoYo Volume USD 10,000
Total Pool after one year: BUSD 10,800
Interest per Lucky Holder: BUSD 108

Daily average YoYo Volume USD 100,000
Total Pool after one year: BUSD 108,000
Interest per Lucky Holder: BUSD 1080

Get your higher APR, register here and invest during Fair Launch starting 29th April 2022 in YoYo Vision (all registrations together possible to higher your chances):

👑”Light” Registration👑

🏵”Gold” Registration (more chances)🏵

🐳”Whale” Registration (high chances)🐳

It is irrelevant if you held 1 YoYo or 1 Mio YoYo, pool will be shared equally to all 100 holders.

Our Fair Launch is on 29 April 2022, We will draw the 100 Lucky Fair Launch Participants Holders / Wallets some days after Fair Launch, expected latest till 06 May 2022. We will announce the lucky ones on our website and social channels.